a man and a woman sit at a two top of mine one night. i greet them and they tell me they need some time to look over the menu. i give them a few minutes and go back…they still need more time. fine. few minutes later i go back. The woman has decided…after staring at the menu for like 15 minutes…that she is just going to have some vegetables. Really?? It took you that long to decide on vegetables. moron. i then turn to the man who folds up his menu and looks up at me all happy-like. he says…”I’ll have Le Sur Peas with some fried chicken.” i look at him like WTF?? WTF are Le Sur Peas first of all….he tells me they are English peas. I say, “well, we don’t have peas on the menu and we don’t have fried chicken either.” He looks at me like i just shit on his dog or something. Why are you so stupid to come out and stare at a menu and then try to order what we DON’T have?!?!? WTF is wrong with people?? STAY HOME YOU RETARD!!!